How to find a person - the ultimate way

Let's face it, there are TONS of websites that may help you to find the person you want. Just google about: "find a person" or something else and you'll get zillions of results. Now, the question is:
Which are the best ones? (or how to find a person which I want to find)?
I'm here to help you for that ;) I'll give you a free way and not so free way that's cheap and offers way more information. So, read this all and don't click anything till you consume all the information :)

First, what do you have of the person which you want to find? His/her phone number, email address?
Let's start with Google, your best friend. Click here for tips how to find a person using Google.

One of the best person finder websites is Findermind which gives you some great data on how to find people by name.

If you expected for me to recommend a paid service, I won't do that. Below on this page I always recommended some paid service to try. Until I realized something. 99% of the info available on paid sites like USSearch, Intelius and Peoplefinders can be found for FREE on sites like Reunion,

All states usually have their own search database. I will give you one tip here. Go to this site: On the left you'll see category sections. There all states will be listed. Simply find your state there and click on it. You'll get among 1-10 public record database search engines specialized for that state for FREE. Yeah, the same ones that paid services use.

I hope you found my article useful! And good luck!